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The TikTok comment section can make your account engagement from nothing to everything. Building a TikTok page with strong engagement takes time with a planned strategy. Leveraging the comment section is the best way to increase your TikTok follower count and visibility with a trusted audience. If you plan on building a brand or becoming a good influencer, you should utilize the TikTok comment feature as much as possible.

TikTok is an ever-evolving social media application with no boundaries regarding fame. Millions of active users upload their content daily, making TikTok the most engaging entertainment app. Comments are a huge part of this application’s charm. People mostly read comments on videos, and they engage more if you respond to their comments in any way. This creates a sense of community that ultimately increases TikTok followers, TikTok likes and engagement.

Role of TikTok Comments in Boosting Engagement

You build a relationship with your viewers and buyers in the comment section. Brand awareness and heightening your TikTok reach are mostly done by interacting with the audience. The best way to do so is comments. Let’s delve into how TikTok comments drive engagement in the first place.

The TikTok algorithm picks up your video with a high comment count. Not only a single video but your other content, too. Because a high comment count indicates that your content has viral potential, the algorithm will push your content on users’ For You Page.

Comments are an essential part of the TikTok algorithm. You can interact with your audience via comments and make them feel comfortable so they will keep revisiting your content in the future.

Your Comment settings for TikTok

You can easily control your comment setting as TikTok provides many features. You can control who can comment on your video and filter comments without publicly displaying them.

Settings for choosing who gets to comment

TikTok will let you control your comment settings from your account privacy settings. Multiple options exist, and you can customize your setting every time for each video before posting it or set it for all videos by default. You can also change the settings for the video that has already been posted, which is a huge win.

  • Everyone, which gives everyone access to leave a comment on your video. This feature is only for public accounts.
  • Followers, which allows only your followers to leave a comment. This feature is only for private accounts.
  • Friends, which allows only those followers to comment who follow you back.
  • No one, which turns off all the permissions, and no one will be able to comment on your post.

Filtering Comments

You can filter your comments on TikTok in three different ways:

  • Filter all comments

This feature will hide every recent comment from everyone other than you and only publicize it when you approve them.

  • Filter spam comments

When this feature is turned on, every comment that may be spam or offensive will be turned off unless you approve it.

  • Filter keywords

You can filter your comments by adding specific keywords. TikTok will ask you to add those keywords and automatically filter those comments with relevant keywords.

You can manually approve any comment anytime if you have filtered comments.

Tips to Drive Engagement by Comments

Now you know the importance of comments and their benefits, let’s discuss how to elevate the number of your comments and use them to drive engagement on TikTok. The following tips help you get comments on your videos and, as a result, skyrocket TikTok engagement.

  • Response to comments by videos

Reaction videos are the best way to respond to someone’s comment. You keep your followers engaged, and they will comment more to get your response through videos.

You can reply to a comment with your video in the comment section, and it will automatically get embedded in the section.

Video replies will attract an audience, and for their convenience, the comment you reply will be highlighted in a video for some context. This is a great way to develop people’s interest, and they will comment on their thoughts and experiences.

If you are selling some goods, this step is most important. You can answer product-related queries through videos on how the product works, the procedure, etc. The number of sales increases when your response assures people and a sense of trust is built.

Moreover, by creating video replies, your content will increase its viral potential, and your followers appreciate your efforts. Your videos get more visibility, more followers add up, and you find yourself on new heights of TikTok fame and engagement.

  • Ask relevant questions

Asking a question is the most straightforward way to get your viewers to answer because they don’t have to think and put much effort into it; they need to answer the relevant question. Questions act as a guide for the audience about what to comment on.

Ask your audience about their interest, style your wardrobe, and how they would style their favorite food after you share yours. This is how you build your connection with them; they will continue to engage every time.

Make a question a little challenging and exciting for your viewers. Ask to take guesses about upcoming collaborations or product launches. Anything related to your niche will increase engagement if you ask relevant and interesting questions. So, use your videos or cation, but use multiple exciting ways to ask queries about your views and make them respond through comments.

  • Ask for feedback or suggestion

When you ask someone for feedback or suggestions, it is in human nature that they will respond. They will share their thoughts about your video and give you many tips for the future. When they suggest something, they look forward to seeing the response in the future. The cycle keeps them engaged and builds their interest.

It is a fine way to gather tons of comments on your videos because people are always ready to share their experiences and express their needs in any way possible. But make sure to pay close attention to their feedback and suggestions. You need to respond to them. Otherwise, interest will lost, and engagement will drop. Your response will indicate that you are hearing them and are serious about their opinion.

Asking for feedback or suggestions is relatively easy. Ask them how you perform in a specific video or what they would do if they did this. This will also help you get new video ideas; you don’t have to brainstorm new content ideas.

  • TikTok comments service

The easiest and quickest method to immediately grasp a ton of comments with an instant boost of engagement is to buy TikTok comments. It might seem unfair or ethical, but it is not. In this modern world, no one is paying attention to how to gain fame; they are focusing on fame only.

There are multiple ways to drive up your TikTok engagement organically, but it takes time and patience. Moreover, if your account is in the early stages of development and there is a long line till the TikTok algorithm notices you, then buying TikTok comments is the best way to boost your account.

Do not jump into this opportunity with all you have. Start with a small investment and see how this turns out. If you see a positive response, gradually increase your investment and grow your TikTok engagement.

Find a reputable service provider like buyactivelikes and get accurate and authentic TikTok comments with no spam. This service will help you in the short and long term because once the algorithm picks your content and starts showing it to the user’s For You Page, your TikTok account will start growing organically.

  • Commenting on other user’s videos

There is no doubt in this statement that if you drop a comment on some influential or developing personal TikTok account, they will not go to your profile and check your account in return. This increases your brand reach and sets a great curiosity in the person’s mind when you leave a comment.

You must give some signs and try collaboration to ensure you are active and engaging. And the best way to start this is by commenting. Start relevant commenting and get appreciation in return by getting high sales, new partnerships, heightened engagement, and long-lasting TikTok recognition.

  • Call-to-action Step

This step includes many interesting ways to keep your comment section exciting and engaging. You can ask your viewers to drop questions, participate in challenges, or share their experiences.

In this tip, you don’t need to give your audience direct instruction; they will pick the queue and comment accordingly.

Wrapped up

There are plenty of ways and opportunities to boost your engagement on TikTok, but comments are the most integral part. As long as you connect with your audience and show them that their every comment matters, they will keep commenting and engaging with your content. Make the most of these shared tips and people will comment on your videos and boost your engagement rates.

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